Week in Review

This week I was focused on helping Freddy overcome jet lag, I cooked a decent amount but failed a little on my meal plan for Freddy, had a good catch up with friends we hadn’t seen since before Christmas, and the grandparents came over for tea on Sunday.

As of last night, Freddy seems to be more or less back on track in terms of his schedule.  He went to bed just before 7pm, which is right around when he used to sleep before he got muddled up in the States.  What did we do?  Nothing, other than have a lot of patience and not beat ourselves up (well, me mostly) if his napping and eating was all over the place.  It took a full week to recover, although I expect we’ll still have some lingering time issues this coming week.

I more or less kept to my meal plan, although we didn’t end up going to the dinner party because of jet lag baby, I switched some of the meals around, and I ended up making home-made macaroni & cheese and a minestrone stew over the weekend.

In terms of Freddy’s food, I had this moment when I was trying to get the skins of grilled red peppers to make the courgette and sweet red pepper puree and it was so, so tedious, that I decided I’m just not going to be one of those mothers who can exclusively make all of her baby’s food. I’ll probably still make about 60-70% of his food, but the trickier fruit and veg, or things out of season, will come from the grocery store baby isle! So, Ella’s Kitchen sweet red peppers now have a home in our cupboard.


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