Meal Plan – 3

This week coming up isn’t too busy for us, although I have a terrible problem with overcommitting to people/events and inevitably backing out of things at the last minute. I’m one of those people who gets anxious when I’ve got too much on socially and not enough time at home decompressing. Does that make me an introvert?  I used to be the other way round.  I digress.  We should be home every night, so lots of cooking for me it is!

I’m going to try Freddy on a new vegetable medley that includes kale – one of the Annabel Karmel recipes.  He’ll be having two solid feeds this week since he hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like and wants to eat everything all the time. I’m a bit concerned that he’s going off his milk now he’s tasted “real food” and I need to find the right balance.

Also, I was going to give Freddy blueberry and apple puree for breakfast this week, but I forgot about it on the stove and nearly burned the house down. Whoops. No puree but house still standing…

Also, I should have been doing this all along, and will fix previous posts, but at the bottom are the sources for those recipes where it is not my own.  Marked with an *


Chicken Tikka*

Mango & Banana | Butternut Squash, Pea, Broccoli, and Kale



Mango & Banana | Cream of Carrot with Spinach


Salad Nicoise*

Apple & Baby Rice |Butternut Squash, Pea, Broccoli, and Kale


Basil Prawns with Rice*

Apple & Baby Rice | Cream of Carrot with Spinach


Thai Curry*

Peaches and Banana | Parsnips & Peas


Lunch with Friends

Peaches and Banana | Parsnips & Peas


Light lunch at home with family

Apple & Baby Rice

(Chicken Tikka is the Waitrose Cook’s Ingredients Tikka Paste; Salad Nicoise is Delia Smith’s version; Basil Prawns is from Nigel Slater’s cookbook Eat, although I’ve added the rice to give it more texture; the Thai Curry is Sainsbury’s Green Thai curry paste)


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