Week in Review

Do you ever try to think back on the weekend, or the past week, and literally can’t remember anything? Ok, it’s not that bad, but I’m missing a few days last week. On the days I can’t remember, I’m assuming we stayed home and did nothing, because it’s been so damn cold I haven’t been going out much.

Anyway, we saw our mum and baby friends this week and we met some other new mums and babies in the next town over. Trump became President and I ignored all of it because I am still feeling a lot of feelings.  We had a new piece of furniture delivered that we’ve desperately needed. Freddy and I took a walk in his Baby Bjorn carrier down the hill through our new neighbourhood, which was great fun but I had a difficult time going back up the hill as Freddy is now 18+ lbs and more with his winter suit on. It was like walking up a mountain with a sack of potatoes on your chest.  Bless him, my chunky big boy baby man. Still hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like…

Freddy is developing a lot right now – he’s suddenly sitting up really well on his own, reaching for more things to play/interact with, ‘talking more’ (da da da da), and growing out of his clothes at a rapid pace. The Health Visitor said he’ll probably be in the 1% or 2% percentile for height since he’s extremely tall for a baby his age. Heaven help me.

At the weekend we finally got access to our attic and stored a lot of Freddy’s newborn baby things that have been taking up space in corners and generally all over the place (don’t mind me while I sob over here). We saw friends and family, and capped it off with a wonderful walk in the park at the golden hour with lovely light and crisp wintry air. It was perfect.


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