Meal Plan – 7

I’m really sticking to my ‘not cooking every night’ lifestyle change, and it’s been freakin fantastic.  Also, did I mention I’m on a diet?  That’s actually being generous. I’m just trying not to eat crap, tons of carbs, and almost no sugar. I finally went through my clothes last weekend to see what fit me and….nothing really did.  I’ve been hiding my baby-weight under lose knit tops and baggy trousers. Unfortunately, dieting in our household is tough because my husband has the metabolism of a five year old, so he doesn’t benefit at all from my healthier meal options as he can’t help but lose weight (how much do we hate him?….just kidding).  So our dinners aren’t ‘lose-weight’ friendly unless your diet is a fatty-carby-salty food diet, but I’m trying to be better during the day at least.

I’ve decided to stop meal planning Freddy’s food (or at least documenting it on here) because it’s a level of organisation that I’m not able to achieve. He eats great food, mostly homemade, but most of the time it’s just whatever I’ve whipped up the day before or during nap time.


Chicken Kiev*


Courgetti  (for me) and Spaghetti (for him) with Bolognese*


Vegetable Pesto Pizza on Puff Pastry


Greek Lentil Pie*


Sweet Potato and Cashew Nut Curry*


Pancetta and Gruyere Mac n’ Cheese



*The Chicken Kievs and Bolognese sauce are the Waitrose brand, the Greek Lentil Pie is one of Clive’s Pies (I don’t do pastry!), and the curry recipe I found on Ocado.


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