Meal Plan – 6

So this is the week I’m going to cook less!  The two dishes I am making from scratch are a Thai Curried Salmon dish and a chicken dish with courgettes and sun-dried tomatoes.  Both recipes I found when I was grocery shopping online because I was feeling lazy and didn’t have the energy to pour through heavy cook books. Womp womp. With Ocado you can select a recipe and then click “buy ingredients.” It’s just so easy and convenient.

As for Freddy’s food, I’m not doing brilliantly sticking to his meal plans.  Despite the best intentions, some days I just pull out a few Ella’s Kitchen pouches and we’re done. I’m also just not into baby-led weaning at the moment – we’ve had a serious choking incident each time with lots of sick everywhere! – so I’m holding off on that until he’s a bit older. Thus, assume everything he eats is pureed.


Clive’s Pies* and Salad

Fruity Porridge | Chicken Casarole^ + Banana Pud | Veggie Lentils + Pears


Thai Curry Salmon*

Fruity Porridge | Cheesy Salmon Pasta + Carrot Apple Swede Puree^ | Veggie Lentils + Strawberry Apple Pud^


Chicken Cesar Salad

Fruity Porridge | Cheesy Salmon Pasta + Carrot Apple Swede Puree^ | Veggie Lentils + Strawberry Apple Pud^


Chicken with Courgetti and Sun-dried Tomatoes*

Fruity Porridge | Chicken & Mash + Peachy Banana Pud^ | Sweet Potato Cous Cous + Fruit



Fruity Porridge | Cinnamon Chicken + Fruit | Sweet Potato Cous Cous + Fruity Pud

Both of the dishes I’m cooking are from the Ocado recipe section. The Clive’s Pies are these delish gluten-free vegetarian pies (I’m not a gluten-free person, but the taste of the pastry cases is really nice). The pizza is from frozen.  The baby’s food denoted with a ^ are Ella’s Kitchen prepared meals in pouches.


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