Meal Plan – 7

Did I forget to do a meal plan for last week?  I’m too tired to check. Yeah. That’s right. I’m too tired to click back through my blog.

So my new regime of only cooking a meal from scratch a few nights a week is going really well.  Less dishes to wash. Less figuring out how to chop onions with velcro baby attached at my hip.  Less throwing baby at the husband the minute he walks in the door so that we can eat dinner before 9:00pm (Note: There is no actual throwing of the baby).

Freddy’s meals are a bit all over the place so I’m leaving them out this week.  I set out a meal plan and then realise I don’t have time to cook what I planned, or I decide at the last minute to try out a new food with him, or I look in the freezer and all I’ve got are some frozen cubes of courgette and I resort to whatever store bought baby food I have in the cupboard.  I can already tell this week is going to be hit or miss, considering Freddy had eggs, leftover sweet potato, and a pouch of mystery ‘spring greens’ puree for dinner.  Not fine dining round these parts. To be fair to myself, I did make him a fish pie with leftover salmon and peas today, and he’ll have chicken and meatloaf with us as well.

Here’s what the adults are having…


Salmon and Pea Pasta


Stuffed Mushrooms*


Stir Fry


Roast Chicken with Wintry Veg



The stuffed mushrooms were pre-made and ordered from Waitrose. The meatloaf is from a ‘Renal Diet’ cook book I use sometimes because, surprise, I only have one kidney and sometimes I like to take a break from sodium, etc.  It’s a great recipe so I’ll post it separately.


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