Meal Plan – 8

I’ve been soooo bad at meal plans lately.  I mean, we are still eating dinner of course, but with works being done at our house it’s been a bit chaotic.  In terms of food shopping, I’m experimenting with some different shops and it seems like I’m spending the same amount no matter where I shop. I used to grocery shop at Lidl where I could get a week’s worth of food for about £50. For some reason, each time I’ve gone since the baby I’m pushing £80 or £90, and I can’t quite figure out why.  I do think some of it is attributed to the fact that I’m buying for three of us now.  Freddy has his own food needs, and while he can eat some of what we eat, we aren’t a meat and two-veg kind of family – we like fun meals with lots of spices and flavour – so I have to be sure I’ve got enough of the basics to make meals for him. So that plus nappies and formula, and it all adds up.

Also, online shopping is so convenient and I kind of never want to step foot in a grocery store ever again.  Ocado has this amazing app that actually makes food shopping enjoyable?  I know, I need some more hobbies.  I’ve tried Tesco’s online shop, but it’s cumbersome and I lose patience immediately.

Ok, enough grocery store chat.  Below is what I have planned.  Freddy will have cauliflower cheese, spag bol, chicken with kale and butternut squash, and some vegetable medleys. He still has porridge with fruit for breakfast every morning, and at least two yoghurts a day. I think he has an egg sensitivity, so I’m not giving him any more for now.


Chicken Kiev with Courgetti


Greek Salad


Mediterranean Pasta*


Warm Cauliflower Salad with Fennel and Leaks*


Eating out

*The Warm Courgette Salad is one I found on Ocado that is attributed to Yotam Ottolenghi. I made this a few weeks ago and it was so delish.  The Mediterranean Pasta dish is a recipe my husband found when we were living in Istanbul and it is the best damn pasta dish you’ll ever have. I’ll post the recipe!


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