Meal Plan – 9

Hey ho!  Meal plans are back!  In light of the no-dishwasher-situation and a general cooking slump, I went a couple of months without doing much cooking.  Lots of meals that were popped into the oven to heat up kept us going during that time.  I think it was partly that end of winter/early spring malaise as I waited for sunnier skies and warmer weather.  Well, it has arrived and I feel a sense of rejuvenation.  We also have the opportunity for more meals al fresco, and no one wants glop from a plastic container when sitting in the sun sipping a refreshing mocktail or glass of wine.

Freddy is mostly feeding himself now.  He usually has his protein at lunch – meatballs, chicken, tofu, eggs, fish – and a vegetarian meal at dinner (not a hard and fast rule).  His favourite foods right now are salmon, blueberries, oranges, broccoli, peas, sandwiches, and green beans.  It’s surreal to think we are nearly beyond the puree stage.  We have a few packets of Ella’s Kitchen left in the cupboard that I will be happy to see gone!


Cajun Chicken* with Sweet Potato Fries and ‘American Salad’


Puff Pastry ‘Pizza’ with Red Pepper Pesto, Halloumi, and Rocket 


Slow- Cooked Ham Hock with Mustard Mash and Spring Greens*


Fried Vegetables with garlic yoghurt and pomegranate* 


Bolognese Sauce with Rice



* The Cajun Chicken is from Waitrose; the Fried Vegetables with Garlic Yoghurt and Pomegranate is a recipe from the Sunday Times Magazine; the Slow-Cooked Ham Hock with Mustard Mash and Spring Greens is a recipe from the Ocado Life magazine.


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