What’s The Tiny Kitchen Life?

What’s The Tiny Kitchen Life?

It’s my journey through motherhood, homeownership, and being an American expat living in England.  I’m not really an expert in anything of the aforementioned, so this will be my experience of learning along the way. Baby is growing like a weed and thriving, so I must be doing something right!

Why ‘Tiny Kitchen?’  Because my kitchen is literally tiny.  We’ve moved into a fixer-upper and in time we plan to do a major renovation of our kitchen/dining area, but for now, little galley kitchen it is.  I spent a lot of time there – cooking, drinking coffee, washing bottles.  It’s my little snug, happy space until we win the Euro Millions and can create the kitchen of our dreams.

So, expect lots of posts about food, babies, home improvement, expat life, and more.